Facial Therapy

One of the simple joys in life is taking the time to be pampered. Beautician facials are an excellent way to pamper yourself and rejuvenate and re-hydrate the skin.

At Parklands Day Spa Blue Mountains our professional skin care beautician specialists will listen to your concerns, analyse your skin, and select the best products and facial techniques to address your skin care concerns, which will help to combat the harsh effects of the elements.

All of our facials will give you a deeper cleansing while leaving you with a radiant natural glow. Our friendly beautician staff can provide you with knowledge to extend the benefits of your treatment once you go home.

Its feeling good, made simple.

Our KERSTIN FLORIAN facial treatments are suitable for all skin types and conditions of sensitive, dehydrated, tired and devitalised skin.  


Personalised Facial
60 min - $175

Express yourself through this deep cleansing purifying facial from our essentials range, starting off with a consultation to analyse your skin over a warm cup of blended tea, your spa angel will guide you through your treatment options. Once your session starts close your eyes and drift off while you get treated to an opening aroma of lavender peppermint and Cajuput to calm, clear and relax your mind and body.  A rhythmical sequence follows with a double facial cleanse, exfoliation, skin stimulating massage and mask and completing your treatment with a serum which is massaged into the skin moisturiser. This treatment caters for a wide range of our everyday environmental challenges and skin conditions such as sensitivity, hydrating, combination. 

 * Suitable for sensitive, dry, dehydrated and oily skin. Pregnancy friendly 


Advanced Peel and Repair
60 min - $195

A results driven cosmeceutical based facial from our correcting line to repair, brighten and address specific problem areas such as congestion skin, fine lines and premature aging. This facial is treatment focused based on organic plant multi acids and enzymes to renew and repair the skin leaving your skin feeling balanced and revitalised. Includes an exfoliating multi acid peel on the face and neck, decollate and hands.

 *All skin types                                                                                                                                                                                 


Parklands Aroma Organic - Our Signature Treatment 
90 min - $225

Reconnect with nature, in this aromatic signature treatment infused with wild crafted ingredients to relax and revive your skin. Your treatment journey will start with a soul lifting foot soak and scrub to rebalance your body, while sipping on an aromatic infused tea. Be indulged with a relaxing facial based on aromatherapy oils such as lavender, neroli, raspberry, and myrrh. Along with a hypnotic facial massage this ritual will also include a natural enzyme peel and pampering hand, arm and luxurious scalp massage.

*Suitable for all skin types


Luxurious Caviar Deluxe 
90 min - $280

Luxurious and decadent caviar facial like no other which will infuse your skin with age defying nutrients. Exclusive patented and protein rich Caviar containing powerful antioxidants to smooth fine lines and improve skin texture. A boosting combination of collagen and co enzymes makes up this active anti-ageing treatment which will leave your skin supple, healthy and luminescent. Starting with your cleanse this facial encompasses a deep enzymatic peel followed by a hypnotic acupressure massage. Rounding off your facial our star performing specialised mask packed with collagen, antioxidants and nutrients to lift smooth firm and plump. 

* Suitable for anti- aging. Great for mature skin  






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